Project Management

A New Way to Work as a Project Manager - Social Project Management using ProjExec

Project teams today have enormous pressure to overachieve but face significant obstacles that prevent them from being as efficient as they could be. Team members constantly change and become more and more virtual across geographical boundaries. Project requirements often shift but delivery schedules and budgets rarely expand. It is increasingly difficult to disseminate information through the clutter of data in many repositories. It is nearly impossible to keep stakeholders and team members informed in a timely fashion. As a result, managing projects is increasing in complexity and even with best practices and communication techniques, the dilemma remains: there is too much administrative work that negatively impacts project tasks, time, budget, and team morale.

To alleviate these issues, Brytek Systems in partnership with IBM and Trilog Group invites you to a seminar on the benefits of Social Project Management. We will discuss how to increase the agility of your teams by imbedding social tools into your project management process; and empowering your team to be fully engaged by integrating project management tools with the best of breed of social tools in the cloud. The following benefits can be realized by project or program managers:

  • Increase employee, partner, customer and stakeholder participation and engagement in your project
  • Rapidly deliver an engaging user experience to your team
  • Significantly reduce project coordination and administration and minimize clutter
  • Bring the project experience where people work today i.e. accessible through mobile devices for speed of execution
  • Zero in on important connections that are instrumental to your project success
  • Deliver your project faster by driving critical information to your team
  • Maintain up-to-date information, in one place, to bring new team members up to speed quickly
  • Eliminate up front operating costs to get started