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Sawdust From The Kerf
Volume 7
Issue 1
June 15, 2009
On June 3rd I boarded a KLM flight in Vancouver that took me firstly to Amsterdam and then on to Gothenburg Sweden. The purpose of my trip was a sales meeting organized by Lantmannen ASPEN Petroeum AB. My company are the sales agents for ASPEN in North America. At the meeting I met the other people who sell ASPEN throughout Europe. It was excellent and I feel we all learned a lot from one another.
Our accomodations and the meetings were held in a very unique facility that is now permanently anchored to the dock in Gothenburg Harbour. The barque Viking was the last commercial sailing ship operating from Sweden and was retired in 1948. Recently it was converted into a conference Hotel. It has a steel hull and the masts are steel. The interior is beautiful with lots of wood. After our meetings we walked to the pier close by and boarded two fast speed boats for a trip out to a Lighthouse at the mouth of Gothenburg harbour. Everyone had to wear survival suits, toque and goggles.
The other instruction was "Hang on at all times and keep your knees bent". With the amount of power these boats would almost instantly accelerate to breakneck speed jumping from wavetop to wavetop.

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