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Sawdust From The Kerf
Volume 7
Issue 3
June 15, 2009
When I was notified that a sales meeting for ASPEN alkylate fuel was to be held in Sweden I made travel plans that allowed enough time for a meet with Magnus Mattison in Farlov. The web told me it would take about 4 hours to drive from where I would be (Jonkopping) to Kristianstad, the closest large city on the map to Farlov. Upon departing Gothenburg I rented a "Eurocar" at the airport, a nice little Spanish made Altea, turbo diesel, equipped with GPS. It took me everywhere I wanted with no effort. Lots of power with the turbo diesel and nice to drive.
At 100kmh the engine turns 1500 rpm but when you want to pass just hit the accelerator pedal and zoom you get sucked back in the seat and it reads 130 right now.
I left the ELMIA Forest Exhibition on Saturday afternoon June 6th on motorway E4. At .......I left E4 and travelled down .... About 4 hours later I arrived in Kristianstadt.
Along the way I passed a number of wind generators, these two are apparently amongst the largest in Sweden.
The farms along the side of the rural roads were all trimmed and mowed right up to the edge of the road.
Threre were very old stone bridges and lots of solid looking buildings in excellent repair.Just after I passed this stone bridge I spotted some large pieces of rock standing in fields on each side of the
road. I stopped but the sign was in Swedish only. The site is "Stainabjar" It is a grave site that is reportedly as much as 2,000 years old. The stones were arranged in the shape of a ship.
Upon arriving in Kristianstadt I went to the center of what is obviously a very old city. The buildings told the story. I found the Stadshotell and checked in. In the morning Magnus joined me for breakfast and told me some of the history of the City and our surroundings.
We left my car in the hotel parking lot and proceeded on a tour of the immediate area. At the time Kristianstadt was built a Danish King had control of the area. The Danes had invaded the southern area of what is now Sweden. The King built a walled city. A very large church formed part of the perimiter. It is still in use as a church


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