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Sawdust From The Kerf
Volume 9
Issue 1
June 2013
Elmia Wood Day 1

The ELMIA WOODS exhibition is laid out in the woods with each display beside the trail. The total walk to see all displays was about 2.2 km
The International Chain Saw Collectors site was at the extreme North end of the heavy machinery section, next to Komatsu.
The large saw you see in the foreground is a Archimedes, manufactured in Stockholm Sweden starting in 1936. It is a twin cylinder
engine. The saw is owned by Peter Ekdahl of Aby, Sweden and made lots of demonstration cuts throughout the 4 days of the show.
So did the Disston DA-211 sitting next to the Archimedes. The Disston is also owned by Peter.

At one point we counted over 60 people standing in the display looking at the various saws.

In the immediate foreground are a pair of Comet diesel saws made in Norway, to the left a McCulloch Super 33, then a Pioneer 6-20 and
beyond on the left a number of Jonsereds models including the rare model P, then on the right a row of Dolmar models. At the feet
of the men are a couple of early JoBu models.

Throughout the show the interest was high. Lots of people found the model of saw they had used in the past.

Straight down the middle Dolmar saws from a brand new 7900 then a 144, 166, 120si, and others all the way to the 118. Then to the right
a row of Partner saws starting with the last Pro saw, the 7700 then all sorts of models going right back to the C6.

Magnus preparing to cut with the Dolmar 166

Johan cutting with his Dolmar 120si

One of only 3 Husqvarna "Alaska1" project saws made to investigate the Chain Saw business by Electrolux.

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